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Desigual Womens Sneakers | Embroidered mandalas sneakers
$ 176.40 $ 83.00
A series of small multicolour mandalas embroidered with a sequin inside add a touch of boho fun to this low-top sneaker of eco-friendly leather with rubber sole, rounded toe cap and adjustment lac...
Desigual Womens Sneakers | Platform sneakers camoflower White
$ 153.30 $ 72.00
Go outside treading strong. With these chunky sole sneakers, comfort is more than guaranteed and style as well, because its floral camouflage print is original and goes with everything. Straight rubber platform sole ...
Desigual Womens Sneakers | Floral running sneaker
$ 165.30 $ 86.00
This elegant running sneaker with zig-zag sole combines canvas panels printed with flowers and reinforcements of faux suede perforated in the heel and in the toe cap. White zig-zag rubber sole Lace fastened Floral print in bright colours Reinfor...
Desigual Womens Sneakers | High-top sneakers lace tie-dye
$ 194.40 $ 80.00
Style at your feet. These high-top sneakers with matching rubber sole are special thanks to their richness in tie-dye print with soft col...
Desigual Womens Sneakers | Running sneakers embroidered
$ 165.30 $ 86.00
Sport is good for health and what's more, it's in fashion, so better to wear stylish sneakers for all occasions. These, with floral print and reinforce toe cap, are the be...
Desigual Womens Sneakers | Platform sneakers heart
$ 210.00 $ 83.00
Go outside with a heart that's happy to wear sneakers like these. In classic silhouette with round toe cap and platform sole, it has...
Desigual Womens Sneakers | Mickey Mouse high-top sneakers Multicolor
$ 174.00 $ 86.00
Let your feet tell fun stories like those told by these high-top cotton sneakers with Mickey Mouse panels. With white rubber sole with red line and bicolour laces. White rubber sole with fine red line Print of panels with Mickey Mous...
Desigual Womens Sneakers | Mickey Mouse denim sneakers Black
$ 165.60 $ 71.00
Both classic and modern, these sneakers with vintage Mickey Mouse illustrations are in denim fabric and have a sole with the name of the little mouse and are embroidered with m...
Desigual Womens Sneakers | Sneakers reptile patch mandalas
$ 133.00 $ 69.00
Amaze everyone with these patch sneakers that combine multicolour reptile leather effect fabrics and mandalas. A shoe with comfortable sneaker sole and with white and gold laces. Chunky sneaker sole with black base Lace fastening Pat...
Desigual Womens Sneakers | Cosmic sneakers sequins
$ 149.10 $ 70.00
Shine with every step you take with these sneakers with sparkling effect produced by the embroidered white sequins with side bands of silver glitter and match...
Desigual Womens Sneakers | Sneakers Chunky tie-dye
$ 168.00 $ 69.00
Show off the latest trend on your feet with these chunky sneakers with tie-dye background in purples with the overlays and reinforcements in black. The message on the heel places us here and now: Get them! Black and white chunky rubber sole Lace fastening...
Desigual Womens Sneakers | Denim effect sneakers Blue
$ 165.90 $ 78.00
We re-update a unisex classic of the house, making it in denim effect with matching embroidered bands on the sides with ya...
Desigual Womens Sneakers | Running sneakers printed Multicolor
$ 191.40 $ 86.00
Running sneakers are fashionable for everyday wear, so this model with floral camouflage print and reinforced rubber sole with puller on the heel are your allies in style. Zig-zag rubber sneaker sole Lace fastening Flor...
Desigual Womens Sneakers | Hindu LOVE Sneakers White
$ 139.20 $ 86.00
Sneakers full of details. In white faux reptile skin, they're decorated with a multicolour trimming b...
Desigual Womens Sneakers | Denim sneakers camouflage
$ 202.40 $ 87.00
Get a total denim look with these denim sneakers. With camouflage print and side bands of white lace and little silver dots embroidered all over its surface. Flat white rubber sole with written message "Future is now" In blue de...
Desigual Womens Sneakers | Sneakers platform sole beads White
$ 142.50 $ 74.00
Walk through life with a bright style with these platform sneakers with embroidered sole with shiny beads tracing a frieze. In the background, they show a lovely embroidery of matching mandalas. Platform...
Desigual Womens Sneakers | Sneakers Mickey Mouse illustration White
$ 139.20 $ 86.00
Since we know that you're a fan of Mickey Mouse, we offer you these sneakers with his name printed on the sole and vintage illustration on the side. The black & red laces are the final touch to your outfit. White rubber sole printed with lettering Lac...